We provide storage solutions utilising networked devices.  These can be used as NAS storage solutions or as iSCSI storage solutions.  It means that you wouldn't need to upgrade the internal storage within your server - which can sometimes be considerably difficult when all available hard drive slots are full.  This would mean replacing every single disk in the system, or attaching external storage directly to the server.

With network-based storage, utilising iSCSI, the disks can be accessed across the network by each of the servers.  The disk would appear to the server as if it was just a normal hard drive within the server.  Higher  data throughput can be achieved utilising gigabit switches and gigabit network cards that have support for jumbo frames.

Utilising the device as regular network-attached-storage, NAS, access can be achieved utilising Windows Shares/SAMBA, NFS, FTP, RSYNC and HTTP(S)/WebDav.  The device also has integration with LDAP, and so can be utilised in conjunction with our LDAP solution - or through your existing LDAP-based server should you have one - for example Active Directory or Novell eDirectory.